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Class of 75 news

The reunion was great! 


Update 12/26/00 

I posted 75 photos here. Some great mug shots! Click on the reunion 1 and reunion 2 to see the thumbnails then click on the thumbnail to see an enlargement.

I hope I got most people identified correctly. Some I couldn't decide on so, please let me know to correct. 

Thank you for those brave souls who had their picture taken. If you want me to remove yours let me know and I will remove it.

I have not updated the list with name and address info yet. But if they are on the list with a response then I have info on where they are. Let me know if you really want to find someone. 

Future plans. 

  1. The official Penncrest 75 website is at penncrest.tripod.com. (You are here now!) Simply enter that into your browser (do not put in www in front). There will be a class list posted with the most recent known information on everyone. Also, there will be a way to enter info or change it about yourself.  We will also set up a chat room.  Right now I have it on a free server and I am limited to the extent of neat things I can do. If any classmate is an ISP or can get us space on a free server please let me know.  
  1. The plan is to have a reunion picnic the 3rd Saturday in August at Ridley Creek State Park. The entire family is invited and it is bring your own food, drink, etc. No alcohol.
  1. Every 5 years we will do a bigger picnic and collect a few bucks to get a band or something not sure yet.
  1. We will never again use a reunion company.

Getting reimbursed from Reunionmasters:

If you paid reunionmasters (aka reuniondisasters) then please call them to get reimbursed. The woman to ask for is Beth Kelly? (not sure they kept changing people pretty sure it was a Beth)  and their number, when they answer the phone, is  800-446-5074 She has indicated that everyone who paid will be reimbursed. If you paid by Credit card I suggest you call the credit card company and dispute the charge. Send them to this website if they need any clarification.

Also, I got an email from another disgruntled person (Chad Nachsin 215-354-3353) who trusted reunionmasters and got nailed. Please respond to him directly via phone or email if you are still having trouble getting your money back. He wants to get serious.


Info - pre event

To see who is coming so far click here 

I fired the reunion company and we are now doing ourselves. The good news is the price came down to only $40I will guarantee a great evening where we can hear ourselves talk in an informal atmosphere. 

 The hotel  information is here. The phone is 610-692-1900.

email Jim Berlin here to let me know your plans

Mail your check right now for $40 to :

"Penncrest 75"

c/o Jim Berlin

73 Governor Markham Drive

Glen Mills, PA  19342

Fill out a form with your info here

Note: If you already paid Reunionmasters, we are working to get refunds. If we have excess funds we will use to reimburse you. If it was on a credit card just dispute the charge. If you haven't paid already DO NOT SEND MONEY TO REUNIONMASTERS!!!!. Instead send $40 per person to address above.

UPDATE 11/13/00 - see previous updates below as well - but ignore any Reunionmaster instructions.

We have a lot of confirmations already. See the list .of who will be there. I expect over 80 by the time of the event.

We have a great night planned with a Christmas flair, a DJ, and lots of your old running mates. If there are some on the list you would like to find, email me and I will give you their last known address and phone number from 1996. (I have a book from 1996 but not electronically so I will supply as requested)

UPDATE 11/3/00 - see previous updates below as well - but ignore any Reunionmaster instructions. (Not hard since their website is gone)

I fired Reunionmasters because they are useless. Fortunately, we have picked up the ball and were able to save our date. Trying to get these bozos to do it was a nightmare and let's leave it at that. If you sent them money, you will get it back. You won't lose it. Nuff said - now for the good news.

We are going to have a great event!  To see who is coming click here. This list will be updated frequently.

The hotel  information is here. The phone is 610-692-1900.

Here is where I really need your help. I am getting 20-30 volunteers to do a calling blitz and those people will report their results back to me and I will update the site. Most people were contacted about the date so if you were going to come, nothing has changed, except we need to get a check from you ASAP. So please register right now by sending a check for $40 per person to:

"Penncrest 75"

c/o Jim Berlin

73 Governor Markham Drive

Glen Mills, PA  19342

Any questions, email me or call the person that calls you, or as a last resort call me at 610-558-1247. I say last resort because I really have a limited time to speak to 500 different people. I would like to retain what's left of my sanity.

Paying at the door is also a last resort, because I really need to have a minimum amount paid by the 20th and we have no class fund, so I am going out on a limb here, so please send the payment in advance so I can relax.

And of course, call and confirm with any of your old mates that they are coming too.  SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

Time of event is 7PM to midnite.

UPDATE 8/30/00

To see a list of missing classmates and the actual reunionmasters info go to www.reunionstore.com and put in Penncrest, Media, 1975 and PA. enter all 4 fields to find us.  You can also update your personal info and that of others you may know of so we can find them (email addresses is very helpful) . You can also purchase tickets here in advance. Please visit the site and update your info especially if you haven't received a mailing yet.

And if you haven't done so already,  Go to form to enter info about yourself

UPDATE 8/19/00  

There has been a change to the Nov 24 formal event. Had some confusion with the Concord country club so we had to move the venue to the West Chester Inn on Route 202.  Same Date. If you remember we had a previous reunion there. I believe the 10th. Good news is you can get rooms there if needed.


UPDATE 8/7/00

Mike Duffy suggested we have a picnic get together at Ridley Creek State Park in Sept as a warm-up for the official event in Nov. This is something where kids and spouses can come and where we can get a chance to talk. I know most out of town folks can't come to both, but if you are still in the area, please come. Of course there is nothing that says you can't do both, but we realize that's unlikely. There will be no official invitations for the picnic sent other than e-mail, so spread the word. 

Ridley Creek Picnic date is Sept 30.  Please visit http://members.home.net/penncrest75/index.html  Mike made this info site that specifically addresses the picnic.  Mike you are the man!  

By now hopefully, you have received a first mailing from Reunionmasters telling you about the Nov 24 event. It's starting to come together. Please feel free to email me if you have anything you need more information on.


UPDATE 6/30/00

The date will be Nov 24, 2000. ( The Friday after Thanksgiving)  

The Place will be the Concord Country Club on Route 202 in Concordville  (See 8/19 update above for new location at the West Chester Holiday Inn.)


A first mailing just went out from Reunionmasters. You should be receiving it soon. 

Before you leave: Go to form to enter info about yourself


UPDATE 4/26/00

Hi - This site just appeared on 4/26/00. We (Linda Riper and myself) are planning a reunion and researching dates. There is good news and bad news. The good news is that I believe we will be successful in finding a site to have it. The bad news is that it will be in OCT or NOV.  We are trying for a Saturday night in OCT or NOV or the Friday after Thanksgiving. We wanted to do it in August but there is no way due to the time till then. We contacted Reunion Time to do it and they needed the time. BTW -The Reunion Time of NJ we used last time, did a nice job on the reunion, but I got stiffed on the pictures when they went bankrupt right after our reunion. If you suffered a similar fate, my apologies, but you were not alone. This Reunion time is large and very reliable. Tickets are projected at $65 a head. The way it works is that they do all research and contact everyone and book the hall, the DJ etc. We do not put in anything up front and there is no minimum numbers for success. This will ensure our greatest chance of a decent turnout. As I said the date and place are indeterminate as yet, however we have begun. 

I have the booklet from the 20th and an Alumni directory from 96 that Reunion Time will be using to find you, however, a lot has changed in 5 years so please take a moment to enter your contact info below and enter a few paragraphs about you and your family and I will post it for all to see. I will not be posting your contact information on the site - unless you include it in the about me paragraph. We'd love to know what is going on. Don't forget your e-mail. I will also dress this site up a bit shortly and posting more information

Jim Berlin (Click here to contact me via email)



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